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Welcome to Presotea America. We want to thank you for expressing an interest in becoming part of the Presotea America family. As a leading Bubble Tea business across the globe, we are now poised to take the US Market by storm.
The Presotea America family is searching for business minded entrepreneurs and visionaries like you to take our perfected Bubble Tea to the US. Currently, we are focusing on licensing our brand, technology and process to single site franchisees, and experienced and established area developers
One Of The Fastest Growing Franchise Businesses
The next Presotea America shop could be yours! We have over 370 successful Presotea shops around the world including Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, America, Canada and Australia.
What Makes The Presotea America Family Unique
At Presotea America, we aren’t just a bubble tea brand, we are a diverse community and family of bubble tea lovers from around the world. Throughout the years, we have established ourselves as a popular strategic partner for many groups from various industries. You will find that Presotea America is well connected, well established and can deliver the value you are looking for in a franchise partner.
We are laser focused on selling happiness rather than just our products. By constantly developing new and unique drinks, we help customers create a feeling they will never forget.
Think you have what it takes to become a franchise owner OWNER
Apart from being one of the fastest growing brands in the bubble tea industry, we offer franchisees simplicity. If you are business minded and love scalable business opportunities, then apply online, and leap into global success.
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