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a little story about us

From Taiwan To The World

As one of the most recognized, quality Boba Tea brands in the world, we go to great lengths to uphold our reputation. Founded in Taiwan, our brand has since taken on an international presence that citizens from around the world can enjoy.

Always Fresh, Always Tasty
Always using freshly made tapioca in our drinks
Every order is brew to order
We only serve freshly brewed tea
Wide range of delicious flavors
By committing ourselves to intense research and development, we have established a quality selection of boba tea flavors to offer both customers and our franchisees. By constantly innovating new and tasty flavors, our menu never stops growing. It gives Presotea America a leading edge over the competition and is also a reason why customers prefer us to any other boba shops.
Innovative brewing technology
Our advanced brewing technology operates on the principles of thermodynamics to extract the pure, organic essence of tea leaves. By utilizing modern brewing technology, our process is consistent and dependable. It ensures that each cup of tea we brew is served with a consistent taste. It doesn't matter if our tea is brewed in Taiwan or the USA, you can look forward to the same consistently fresh flavor and bittersweet after-taste.
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